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Banc Home Loans Third Party Lending

Banc Home Loans, a division of Banc of California, N.A. is a national lender with FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA approvals.  We provide products and services to our approved Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Community Banks and Credit Unions that help them grow their business.

Banc Home Loans looks to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that share the same principals of homeownership; responsible decision making and fraud prevention.

Banc Home Loans offers their clients:

  •                 A true TPO Channel that accepts Wholesale, Non-Delegated or Delegated business
  •                 A wide array of products – FNMA; FHLMC; FHA; VA; USDA; NON-Agency
  •                 De Minimis overlays to Agency guidelines
  •                 Consistent, competitive pricing
  •                 Best Efforts locks for our correspondent clients
  •                 Extended lock terms for Wholesale clients – up to 6 months
  •                 Warehouse banking services through our parent company
  •                 FHA 203(k) and FNMA Homestyle products and services for our correspondent clients
  •                 Best-in-class service and response times


Current Turn Times

Wholesale Submissions

 Registration 1 day
Disclosures 1 day
Underwriter Decision 1 days (Purchases)
1 days (Refinances)
Condition Review 2 days
CD Preparation 1 days
Document Preparation 1 day
Funding 1 day

Non-Delegated Submissions

 Registration 1 day
Underwriter Decision 1 days (Purchases)
1 days (Refinances)
Condition Review 2 days
Purchasing Review 2 days

Delegated Submissions

Purchasing review 2 days
Purchase 1 day